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Screen Education is a partially refereed quarterly magazine written by and for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools in all curriculum areas, as well as some areas of tertiary study. The magazine also publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics.

Published by Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM), the magazine builds on many decades of experience in delivering screen literacy programs for teachers and students. Firmly grounded in both theory and practice, the magazine brings more awareness about the diversity and complex character of the moving image, simultaneously promoting the joy of learning and an appreciation of screen culture.

The magazine includes practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology, and book and DVD reviews.

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No. 92, 2018: Contents
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New & Notable

The Greatest Love of All: Confronting Conformity in A Wrinkle in Time – Ella Donald
Every Other Day: Lena Dunham's Girls – Adrian Martin

Screens in the Classroom

Cinema Science: The Small Wonders of Ant-Man and the Wasp – Dave Crewe
Imagination and Invention: Alice in Wonderland on Screen – Susan Bye
Supremacy with a Smile: White Saviour Complex in The Blind Side – Luke Rodesiler and Kathy Garland

Beyond the Multiplex

Spectres of Childhood: Magic and Memory in The Spirit of the Beehive – Anthony Carew

Talking Society

Distressed Damsels, Expendable Men: Screen Violence and Masculinity – Benjamin Riley

Live Transmission: Revisiting The Truman Show in a Panoptic World – James Robert Douglas

Filmmaker Profile

Stanley Kubrick – Anthony Carew

Teaching Media

Rules of Engagement: Intertextuality and Narrative – Sam Higgs
Not Such a Marvel to Behold: The Case Against Superhero Films in the Classroom – Louise Lavery

Tech'd Out

Creative Devices – Joel Aarons
Sync or Swim: Stop-motion Animation – Kevin Lavery

Film as Text

Chaos and Control: The Troubled Waters of Moonrise Kingdom – Gabrielle O'Brien
Goodbye to All That: Lost Innocence and Anti-nostalgia in The Last Picture Show – Joanna Di Mattia
Monstrous Motherhood: Summoning the Abject in The Babadook – Adolfo Aranjuez

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