About Metro

Founded in 1964, Metro is Australia’s oldest film and media periodical. The magazine embraces the tradition of the essay, immersing the reader in well-informed, analytical and thought-provoking discussion.

Metro is a partially refereed publication specialising in essays, articles and interviews on Australian, New Zealand and Asian features, shorts and documentaries. It also covers television, web series, animation, games and new media.

In today’s media landscape of hot takes, content mills and fleeting media cycles, Metro is the number one place to find considered, in-depth, comprehensive critical analysis on the cinema of Australia and the region aimed at a general readership.

On the Metro website – tailored for immediate reading and browsing on your phone, tablet or desktop – you will find not only the latest issues but also archival material from across our near sixty-year history, including contemporaneous analyses of classic movies, interviews with directors and producers from around the world, and coverage of developments in the Australian film industry as they happened.

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