Industry Perspectives

Cinematic Devices: Darcy Yuille on One Punch and Using Everyday Technology to Advantage

Traversing Homesickness: Olivia Haines on Surf Club

Sliced and Diced: Enzo Tedeschi and Rachele Wiggins on Deadhouse Dark

Out of the Frying Pan: Screen Australia and the Producer Offset

Islands in the Stream: Static Vision’s Remedy for Lockdown Loneliness

Kicking the Door Down: Lessons from the Women in Screen Workshop

Fast and Furious Filmmaking: YouTube’s Prospects for Budding and Veteran Screen Content Producers

Funny Women on Demand: Australian Female Comedians on Screen

A Dense Web of Relationships: How Film Culture Sustains the Screen Industries

Obstacle Course: Increasing Women’s Participation in Australian Film and Television

Seeing Double: ABC Comedy and SBS Viceland

Against the Grain: The Documentary Sensibility of Sue Brooks’ Fiction Filmmaking

The Streaming Arms Race: Original VOD Programming in Australia

Picture Partnership: Co-productions and the Australian Screen Industries

Tale of a Luminary: The Shine Campaign

Queer Controversy: Roger Ward and Sean Myers on The Set

Kitchen Nightmares: What Into the Shadows Says About the Local Film Industry

Film Criticism … Somebody’s Got to Do It

It’s a Queer World: How Has Queer Film Changed over the Years?

Writing on the Wall: Cantrill’s Filmnotes

People in Media: Natalie Miller

From the Dark Night: Thomas Keneally on Jimmie Blacksmith

Water off a Doug’s Back

The Script Problem in Australian Films & Television