Screen Education

Toys Are Us: Feminism, Consumerism and Becoming in Barbie

Cinema Science: Plumbing the Depths of Avatar: The Way of Water

Assembling the Debris: Russia 1985–1999: TraumaZone

Stoking the Fire: The Rousing Fictions of RRR

Animating History: The Holocaust and Its Echoes in Where Is Anne Frank

Cinema Science: Hitting New Speeds in Top Gun: Maverick

Cinema Science: Into the Multiverse

Entangled Lives: Trauma, Attachment and Survival in My Brilliant Friend and Pachinko

Making a Scene: Telling Stories and Engaging Audiences on TikTok

Cinema Science: Cosmic Collisions and Disaster Denialism in Don’t Look Up

Period Drama: A Turning Red Study Guide

War Stories: Media Coverage of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

‘Horrible Imaginings’: Playing with Form in The Tragedy of Macbeth

Cinema Science: Surveying the Landscape of Dune

A Whole New World: Metaverse as Fairytale in Belle

Objects of Desire: The Female Body and the Male Gaze in Sirens

The Rules of the Game: Squid Game as Social Allegory

Hard Times and Ordinary Lives: Warehouse Work on the Big Screen

Frozen in Time: Puberty Blues Forty Years On

Cinema Science: Animal Activities in Babe

Buried Treasure: Overhauling the Canon in Women Make Film

Cinema Science: Journeying Within in Inside Out

Land of Lost Content: Finding a Way Through Walkabout

Reframing the Past: The Emotional Histories of Raoul Peck and Adam Curtis

Cinema Science: Deconstructing the Machinery of the Mad Max Films

Trapped in the Web: Untangling The Social Dilemma

Borrowed Time: The Life and Death of the Video Store

Documenting the Self: Art, Celebrity and Storytelling in 20,000 Days on Earth

Cinema Science: Aerodynamic Instruction and Paper Planes

Breaking the Spell: Nostalgia and New Directions in Earwig and the Witch

Time of Transition: First Day and Being Seen on Screen

Frozen Hearts: Coming of Age in Somersault

Cinema Science: Cracking the Code of The Matrix

Intimacy and Betrayal: A Study Guide on The Hunting

Cultural Healing: Rethinking Education in Maya Newell’s In My Blood It Runs

Bearing Witness: Black Lives Matter Protests as Media, and Mediated, Event

Cinema Science: Picking Up the Frequencies of The Dish

Counterfeit Images: A History of Blackface on Australian Television

Pandemic Paradox: Navigating Technology in the Time of COVID-19

Cinema Science: Coronavirus Through the Lens of Contagion