Where can I buy or subscribe to the print edition of Metro?

Print subscriptions and individual copies of the magazine are available via The Education Shop. The most recent print issue is also available to purchase in Melbourne at the ACMI Shop, Readings Carlton, Hampton Authorised Newsagency and Picture Search Video & Vinyl.

I’m interested in reading a Metro article that isn’t currently available on the site. Will it be uploaded?

We’re steadily working our way through the 4000-odd articles that have been published across Metro’s 57-year history and hope to have them all uploaded eventually, but we’d love to hear if there’s one in particular you’re keen to read – email ATOM managing editor Peter Castaldi at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to make it a priority.

What’s Film Appreciation Newsletter, and what is its relationship to Metro?

Metro began its life as Film Appreciation Newsletter in 1964, and retained the title for its first decade of existence. During this time, it went through considerable evolution from a text-only resource for media teachers – one of the very first of its kind in Australia – to the powerhouse film and media magazine it had become by the early 1970s (if you’re curious, you can read the rationale for the name change here: metromagazine.com.au/editors-note/). While not all issues of Film Appreciation Newsletter are available, the Metro website provides a selection of key articles from these early years in the publication’s life.

Is there any difference between the articles on the website and those published in the magazine?

All articles are presented in full and as originally published, with the exception of the odd corrected typo or adjusted punctuation style for consistency and readability.

Where are the images accompanying the articles sourced from?

All images are provided to Metro by distributors at the time of publication and are copyright of the respective rights holders unless otherwise noted. For older articles, images are sourced from scans of the magazine, and have been included to capture some of the look and feel of reading the piece when it was published.

Are the author biographies up to date?

Each author is assigned a single bio, which appears on all of their work on the website and is generally sourced from their most recently published Metro article. This means that, in cases where a writer has not contributed for some time, their author bio may be years or even decades old. If you’ve previously written for Metro and you’d like your bio on the site updated, drop Peter Castaldi a line at metro@atom.org.au and we’ll happily fix it for you.

There seems to be a typo, wrongly attributed image caption or factual inaccuracy in a Metro article. Is it too late to correct it?

We pride ourselves on our rigorous editorial standards, but as with any publication, errors may creep in from time to time. Drop a line to Peter Castaldi at [email protected] if you see something you feel is wrong and we’ll take a look.

I can see articles from Metro’s Screen Education section, but where can I read work that was published in Screen Education itself?

We’re planning to launch a separate Screen Education website in future. In the meantime, most Screen Education articles are available as PDFs from The Education Shop (where you can also purchase hard copies of the print magazine).


I want to subscribe, but would prefer not to use a credit card. Is there any alternative payment option?

We also accept purchase orders. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll happily arrange this.

I’ve previously written for Metro and would like to read my article, but don’t want to subscribe at the moment to gain access – how do I go about accessing it?

As most articles are paywalled to non-subscribers, we’ll need to arrange special access to the piece – please contact Peter Castaldi at [email protected] for a confidential link. Alternatively, you’re welcome to sign up for the 7-day free trial.


I wish to end my subscription – how do I go about it?

Simply visit the My Account page and select ‘cancel subscription’. Your access will end at the conclusion of your last monthly payment period. And should you change your mind, you’re very welcome to sign up again whenever you like!