Dawn Brown (photograph by Carol Jerrems)

Editor’s Note

We have a new name – The Association of Teachers of Film (ATFAV). In the poll conducted there was only one dissenting vote. It also seemed the right time to change the name of the magazine from Film Appreciation Newsletter. The new name is Metro which has connotations of the Paris Metro, good old M.G.M., metra (womb), metropolis (mother city), metronome (device to mark time), etc., etc. Even if the relevance escapes you, it sounds zippy and zingy anyway.

This issue of Metro has several articles about animation and a long interview with Alex Milsky, Victoria’s best known teacher of animation. As we all know, art teachers are getting into the act and animation seems to be the thing that appeals to them most. Paul Roadknight contributes a lift-out sheet on animation and cartoons for your notice-board. How many of the cartoon figures can your students recognize? Ivan Gaal suggests which films he thinks AVEC and State Film Centre should buy from those shown at Melbourne Film Festival.

Raphael Urso puts forward his ideas that cartridge T.V. will bring the ultimate obsolescence of reality (true for him perhaps but what about us?) and Colin Talbot holds forth about the abysmal quality of pop music on radio. Plans are afoot to establish new radio stations which should help to improve things.

A recent meeting of heads of English departments at technical and high schools throughout Victoria expressed its “dismay, concern and frustration” at difficulties in obtaining films and urgently requested an extension of film services and facilities including regular updating of catalogues from State Film Centre and AVEC. Meanwhile Barrett Hodsdon’s report for the Australian Film and T.V. Board showed that in N.S.W. at least, teachers are using commercial libraries rather than departmental ones. In this issue Barrett Hodsdon criticises Film Study collections and suggests how they should be improved.

There is also an article from London with ideas for film and photography courses.