Solo Act: Music and the Man’s World in Janine Hosking’s Knowing the Score

Valley of Iniquity: Escaping Subjugation in Gloriavale

For the Record: Commemorating the Co-ops in John Hughes and Tom Zubrycki’s Senses of Cinema

‘Enter My House Justified’: Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s Man on Earth and Assisted Suicide on Screen

Unfolding Disaster: Reliving Black Summer in Eddie Martin’s Fire Front

Creation, Care and Country: Penelope McDonald on Audrey Napanangka

First Person Plural: Art and Provocation in Larissa Behrendt’s You Can Go Now

Precious Time: Family Life and Togetherness in Sari Braithwaite’s Because We Have Each Other

Starting Afresh: Trauma and Compassion in Lachlan McLeod’s Clean

Cathartic Moves: Competition and Community in Luke Cornish’s Keep Stepping

Life on Show: The Ethical Quandaries of Jason van Genderen’s Everybody’s Oma

The Past Flows into the Future: Kasimir Burgess’ Franklin

World Without a Map: The Flattening Perspective of Jennifer Peedom’s River

Mechanisms of Control: Yaara Bou Melhem on Unseen Skies

Stolen Lives: Confronting the Past in Allan Clarke’s The Bowraville Murders

Burnishing an Icon: Madeleine Martiniello on Palazzo di Cozzo

An Acquired Taste: Warwick Ross and Rob Coe on Blind Ambition

Lingering Notes: A Song Cycle Remembered in Philippa Bateman’s Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow

Rolling in the Deep: Jane Castle’s When the Camera Stopped Rolling

Singing into the Void: Dreams, Delusion and Fame in Matthew Walker’s I’m Wanita

Elusive Justice: Dean Gibson on Incarceration Nation and the Epidemic of Indigenous Imprisonment

Turning the Tables: Observing and Seeing in Chef Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution

Time After Time: Temporality and Transcendence in Joseph London’s The Beloved

Up in Smoke: Eva Orner on Burning and the Failure of Australian Climate Policy

Too Close to Home: Nuclear Nightmares in Jeff Daniels’ Television Event

Holding on to Hope: Love, Pain and Child Protection in Sascha Ettinger-Epstein’s The Department

Brief Candle: Jonathan Alley’s Love in Bright Landscapes: The Story of David McComb of The Triffids

Flame of Truth: Tiriki Onus and Alec Morgan on Ablaze

Long Way Home: Ben Lawrence and Gabriel Shipton on Ithaka and the Campaign to Free Julian Assange

Open Wound: Excavating Exploitation in Eddie Martin’s The Kids

Shared Suffering: Remembering the Tokyo Firebombing in Adrian Francis’ Paper City

Confession Space: Danny Cohen and Courtney Barnett on Anonymous Club

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Cathy Henkel and Sam Lara on Saying Goodbye in Laura’s Choice

Creativity in Confinement: Artistic Expression as Redemption in Alex Siddons’ The Art of Incarceration

One Final Bow: An Actor Reflects in Molly Reynolds’ My Name Is Gulpilil

A Light in the Dark: Nel Minchin on Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra

The View from the Shore: Healing Through Songline in Steven McGregor’s Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky

Hip-hop of a Different Hue: Cultural Appreciation and Identification in Oscar Kightley’s Dawn Raid

Australian Spirit: Love and Country Music in Kriv Stenders’ Slim and I

Climate of Resignation: Unquiet Adolescence in Kathy Drayton’s The Weather Diaries