Holding on to Hope: Love, Pain and Child Protection in Sascha Ettinger-Epstein’s The Department

All You Can Be: Self-actualisation, Self-acceptance and Disability in Paul Barakat’s Kairos

Loved Back to Life: Hope, Community and Policy Failures in Life After the Oasis

The Lingering Melodies of Trauma: Ben Lawrence’s Hearts and Bones

Soaring with Her Own Wings: Em Baker on Marriage, Movie-making and I Am No Bird

Advocacy Meets Analysis: Metro and Documentary

Stirring Up Spectres: Ben Lawrence’s Ghosthunter and the Documentarian’s Duty of Care

Jumping Hurdles: Rehabilitation, Reconnection and Catherine Scott’s BackTrack Boys

Obstructed Progress: Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow and the Global Refugee Crisis

Haunted by Questions Unanswered: Rosie Jones’ The Family

Clarifying the Past: Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence