International Cinema

‘It’s in Films That I Try to Say Everything’: Andrei Tarkovsky on Women, Spirituality and the Autonomy of the Filmmaker

On the Beach: The View from Cannes 2010

Sympathy for the Devil Gathers No Moss: Revisiting Godard’s Documentary Masterpiece

Lolita: Neither Heard nor Seen

Irma Vep: La femme d’Est: Olivier Assayas Interviewed by Raffaele Caputo, Rolando Caputo, Clare Stewart

People Are the Opposite of Silence

Thelma & Louise: Two Opinions

Cinemania: On the Road Again: Wim Wenders

John Hurt on Nineteen Eighty-Four

Gandhi: Interview – Ben Kingsley

Peter Watkins and The War Game: An Interview with the Director from ATFAV’s 3CR Radio Program

The Marvellous Journey: A Talk by John Flaus at the Science Fiction Eastercon

Film Appraisals