Bodies on the Line: Sally Ingleton’s Wild Things and Australian Environmental Documentary

Making Change: The Australian Women’s Liberation Movement in Catherine Dwyer’s Brazen Hussies

Judge, Jury and Executioner: Voyeurism and Vigilantism in Alex Roberts and Daniel Leclair’s The Meddler

Declaration of War: George Gittoes on Violence and Community Resilience in White Light

Sounds of Loss: Time and Displacement in Allison Chhorn’s The Plastic House

Forever Young: Music and Mystery in Sam Zubrycki’s Miguelito: Canto a Borinquen

Singing from the Rooftops: Art, Ambition and Hometown Pride in Liselle Mei’s Love Opera

Making Visible: Out Here, Love Bites and LGBTQIA+ Documentary on the Small Screen

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: Selina Miles’ Martha: A Picture Story

Unfinished Business: Fame, Mythology and Kasimir Burgess’ The Leunig Fragments

The Artist at Work: Catherine Hunter on Quilty: Painting the shadows

Bodies in Tension: Movement and Friction in Rebecca Tansley’s The Heart Dances – The Journey of The Piano: the ballet

Remembering Resistance: Class Politics and Amanda King’s The Great Strike 1917

First, Do No Harm: The Treatment of Refugees in Against Our Oath

Loved Back to Life: Hope, Community and Policy Failures in Life After the Oasis

All Talked Out: Mental Health and Masculinity in Genevieve Bailey’s Happy Sad Man

Need for Speed: Risk and Reward in Dylan River’s Finke: There and Back

The Drive to Succeed: Outrunning the Legacy of Brabham

A Race to the Goal: Adam Goodes’ Story in The Final Quarter and The Australian Dream

History Is Never Finished: Trauma, Revolution and Reconciliation in Peter Hegedus’ Lili

Sexual Healing: Feminism, Porn and Self-acceptance in Morgana

Ghost in the Algorithm: Justin Krook’s Machine and Advancing AI

Everybody’s Still Kung-fu Fighting: Serge Ou’s Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks

Mother Tongue: She Who Must Be Obeyed Loved and Aboriginal Women’s Stories

Soaring with Her Own Wings: Em Baker on Marriage, Movie-making and I Am No Bird

Into the Void: Stop the Boats and Refugee Activism on Screen

The Winding Road Home: Kaye Harrison on Displacement, Detention andd Sanctuary

Same Old Tune: Mythologisation and the Music Documentary

Seeds of Change: Damon Gameau’s 2040 and Sustainable Futures

Destructive Pasts, Hopeful Possibilities: The Simulated Environment in Awavena and Did You Ask the River?

Dying a Woman With Dignity: Becoming Colleen and Late-life Gender Transition

Hitting the Right Note: Janine Hosking’s The Eulogy and the Perils of Praise

Setting the Record Straight: Greg Carey and Wade Jackson’s Waiting: The Van Duren Story

The Cost of Country: Capital and Ownership in Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley

Home on the Rocks: Blue Lucine on Displacement and The Eviction

Age of Acceptance: Community and Inclusion in Sue Thomson’s The Coming Back Out Ball Movie

Rhetoric and Reminiscence: Graham Freudenberg, Political Memory and The Scribe

Greener Pastures: Tradition and Modernity in Grace McKenzie’s In the Land of the Wolves

Heading for Deep Water: Interrogating Detention in Gabrielle Brady’s Island of the Hungry Ghosts

In Search of Sanctuary: Refugee Realities in Robyn Hughan’s Journey Beyond Fear