Australian and New Zealand Cinema

A Sleep Like Death: Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty

Homegrown Horror: The Ethics of Snowtown’s Suburban Nightmare

Painting a Motion Picture: An interview with Shaun Tan

Telling the Truth: Robert Connolly on Making Balibo

Warwick Thornton and Kath Shelper on Making Samson and Delilah

There’s a Lot Going On in Australia: Baz Luhrmann’s Claim to the Epic

The Wizards of Oz: Behind the Scenes of Not Quite Hollywood

Left in the Darkness: Night

The Home Song Stories: Making It Real

Silence Is a Virtue: Dr Plonk and Passio

Telling Mythical Tales: A Conversation with Jeremy Sims about Last Train to Freo

Ten Canoes

The Good, the Bad and The Proposition

Australian Gothic: Greg McLean on the Genesis of Wolf Creek

Dreams for Life: An Independent Success Story

Homeless, Aimless: Alkinos Tsilimidos’ Tom White

Inspiring Passion and Hatred: Jane Campion’s In the Cut

The Inside Story: The Inside Story of a Successful First Feature – An Interview with Robert Sutherland

Romancing the Stone: Outback Adventures of a Different Kind in Japanese Story

Beyond Proper Comprehension: Housewife Implosions in Rain

Lovesick: Bill Mousoulis and the ‘Outside World’

An Independent Vision: An Interview with Rolf de Heer

Lantana: A Tangled Web

Innocence: Haunted by the Future

Romance, Fantasy and Female Sexuality in Feeling Sexy

Notes on the Significance of Home & the Past in Radiance

Australian Gothic: To Have and To Hold


Romper Stomper

An Angel at My Table

Australian Film Industry Profile: Paul Cox


Hard Knocks: A Hard, Modern, Oz Movie

My Brilliant Career

Newsfront: The Aussie Battler

Heads You Win, Tails …

Picnic at Hanging Rock: Some Impressions, Historical and Cultural

Some Notes on the Making of Homesdale