Australian and New Zealand Cinema

The Lingering Melodies of Trauma: Ben Lawrence’s Hearts and Bones

The Price of Fish: Slavery and Social Responsibility in Rodd Rathjen’s Buoyancy

Hell Hath No Fury: Tony D’Aquino, Andrew Marriott and Lisa Shaunessy on The Furies

Pantomime of Violence: Gender and Outrage in Mirrah Foulkes’ Judy & Punch

Poetry in Action: Racism and Resistance in Partho Sen-Gupta’s Slam

Oceans Within Us: Eight Perspectives on the Pacific in Vai

Troubled Bubble: The Aspirational Milieu of Rachel Ward’s Palm Beach

Out of the Trenches: Kriv Stenders on Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan and Revisiting History

Hierarchies of Horror: The Violent Refrains of Jennifer Kent’s The Nightingale

Love Is in the Air: Wayne Blair’s Top End Wedding and the Rom-com’s New Direction

Girls Behaving Badly: Love, Honour and Disobedience in Sophie Hyde’s Animals

Sin City: Diaspora, Displacement and Matthew Victor Pastor’s Melodrama / Random / Melbourne

Arid Visions: Reflections in the Dust, Gendered Violence and Experimental Cinema

Kiss Me Deadly: Robbie Studsor on Blowing a Burning Kiss to Film Noir

Terror, Tragedy, Truth: Anthony Maras’ Hotel Mumbai

Breaching Bounds: The Confronting Body in Miranda Nation’s Undertow

Bird’s-eye View: Childhood, Grief and Community in Emu Runner

Tearing Out a New Leaf: Book Week and the Unlikeable Protagonist

In the Crease: Self-referential Storytelling in Ted Wilson’s Under the Cover of Cloud

The Pelican Brief: The Shallow Reflections of Shawn Seet’s Storm Boy

Dark Dresses, Problematic Pleasures: Mobility and Nostalgia in Bruce Beresford’s Ladies in Black

Paint and Suffering: The Delicate Art of Acute Misfortune

On Song: Navigating the Past in Ben Hackworth’s Celeste

Redemption, Restoration, Reclamation: Benjamin Gilmour on Jirga

Different Ball Game: Damian Callinan on Sport, Community and The Merger

A Neoliberal Spin: Management and Masculinity in Stephen Mccallum’s 1%

‘Permission to Operate Independently’: Upgrade and the Body-machines of Action Cinema

Fraternity Test: Watching Brothers’ Nest in the Shadow of Kenny

Landing Success: Luke Sparke and Carly and Carmel Imrie on Occupation

Getting a Second Opinion: Mairi Cameron on Truth and Trickery

Once upon a Time in the West: Suburbia and Identity in Jason Raftopoulos’ West of Sunshine

Muddied Waters: Risk and Reflection in Simon Baker’s Breath

Heavy Here and Now: Alena Lodkina’s Strange Colours

Burning Down the House: Winchester and the Truth About Ghosts

Rebel on the Screen: Mike Retter on Youth on the March

Welcome to Ugly Country: Nostalgia and Nationalism in Stephan Elliott’s Swinging Safari

Musical Chairs: Perspective and ‘Heavy’ Humour in Ben Elton’s Three Summers

Ties That Bind: Kriv Stenders’ Australia Day and the Problems of Patriotism

Sense and Serendipity: David Wenham’s Ellipsis

Stealing Time: Fatherhood, the ‘Third Space’ and Sam Voutas’ King of Peking